CCCP Mission Statement

The Community Computer Connections Program’s (CCCP) mission is to help improve the quality of life for low income people and veterans on Long Island.

To accomplish this mission our volunteers refurbish donated computers, add software, deliver and install these internet ready computers free of charge to our clients.

Our Clients

are persons in need and veterans who are referred to us by various social service and veterans agencies on Long Island. We also get direct requests from individuals. To see our veteran clients please click HERE

Our Partners are the social service and veterans agencies whose clients comprise the majority of recipients of our computers. To see a list of our Partners/Agencies please click HERE

Generous donors provide us the resources

Many generous companies, institutions, and individuals on Long Island donate computers to us. We refurbish these computers and give them to low-income recipients and veterans. To see a list of donor companies and institutions please click HERE.


Each donated computer is refurbished by a CCCP volunteer. He/she wipes the internal hard drive, then installs Windows 10 and a suite of freeware applications.


A CCCP volunteer delivers and installs, free of charge, internet-ready refurbished computers to our clients and/or agencies.

Ongoing Needs

Ongoing Need We always need:

  • New volunteers to assist in our program
  • Computers, both desktops and laptops
  • Monitors, hard drives, cables, mice, and keyboards
We are constantly looking for sources of revenue from Corporations and Individuals to support CCCP activities. We need your support to maintain our program.

Did you know?

That we can refurbish your old computer and give it to a financially disadvantaged family? Your donation may be tax deductible. For more information, click here.

Client feedback

MB- "I am now able to continue school through University of Phoenix. Also a way for me to start small business as advertising and selling my art work (paintings & drawings)"

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