Senator John J. Flanagan Thanks Stan Meyers

Senator Flanagan

Senator Flanagan recognizes Stan Meyers for his dedication and time spent working with RSVP.

Read his letter here.

Computers Delivered to Clients

Cumulative Requests

From its start in September 2006 through today, CCCP has delivered computers to financially disadvantaged families and individuals on Long Island. An increasing demand and our increased volunteer force have now brought us to the rate of 525 systems each year.

The professional staff of many different social service agencies across Long Island refer clients to us. We add a client's computer requirements to our waiting list, and deliver a computer as soon as we can.

Can you or someone you know benefit from a computer, but can't afford one? Please contact us at: (631) 979-9490 ext 13.


Repair man All the computers that we supply to clients have to be refurbished. We test each computer to ensure that it meets our standards. We deliver computers in good working order. However, at times, these refurbished units develop problems; sometimes caused by the client, sometimes by equipment failures. In either case, we provide onsite repair or replace the computer with a newly refurbished computer.

Our History

Book The CCCP program started in 2006 as an RSVP service to satisfy a recognized need to give clients the vital information, internet access, and learning tools provided by a computer. As of June 2016 we have delivered over 4300 computers to low income recipients and veterans.

These refurbished computers were installed in the home of financially disadvantaged clients across Long Island by volunteers in all age groups, including seniors and high school students. One effect of this intergenerational aspect is the seniors' and the youths' appreciation for each others skills and knowledge.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher RSVP is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, which allows us to purchase Microsoft Windows 10 at low cost. We wipe the hard drive of donated computers of all data, using a method approved by the Department of Defense. No files or data from the original user remains or can be recovered. We install Windows 10 and a suite of free programs.

Local businesses and individuals have generously and frequently donated computers. If you want to donate a computer or components, call us at (631) 979-9490 ext 13, or send email to:

Client Feedback

A thank you letter

Robert recently lost his job doing construction and has been looking for work. When he received his computer, he used it to create flyers that he has distributed all over his community advertising for a handyman. Thanks to you and your guys, you have helped Robert not only search for more employment, but help him start his own business.

Ms. M is a single mother of three school aged children. Her youngest son has a learning disability and her teenage daughter was severely injured in an accident two years ago and continues to struggle toward recovery. Through Ms. M's continuous support and advocacy, her daughter received rehabilitation services and is currently catching up in school. Her son recently won an academic scholarship to a private high school. The M family lives on limited monthly income and purchasing a computer could never be an option. By providing a computer to this family, the Community Computer Connection Program has allowed Ms. M's children to continue to excel in academics and keep up with classmates who are more fortunate.

JR: "Beginning to surf the internet. Want to do self-schooling."

MN: "Having the computer enables me to teach my 6 year old and plan to take brush up course in medical billing for homebound employment."

JP: "My son is really benefiting from the computer. It helps him with his school work and he is interested in animals and does research. For me, it is helping me find out about my disease and the latest drug therapy."

When S got her computer she immediately hooked it up to the internet and began surfing. She thought of how she had lost contact with her mother and had not seen her first child since he was 9 months old when he was left in the care of her mother. Lo and behold, she tracked down her mother and made contact via the computer you provided. They arranged a meeting and S, her husband and three children , mom and first child, met for a family reunion made possible by RSVP! S's life is in a much better place now and she, her mom, and son are getting to know each other after many years and many tears.

Peace Valley Haven's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Awards for CCCP/RSVP computer donations