We Need You

Love Computers?
And People?
We Need You!

Love Computers? And People? We Need You! The Community Computer Connections Program (CCCP) is seeking an aggressive volunteer to manage its acquisition activities, which include soliciting donations of computer equipment and funds to help CCCP achieve its mission.

CCCP (an all-volunteer program) is sponsored by RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, a not-for-profit agency. CCCP’s Mission is to help improve the quality of life for low income people and veterans on Long Island. To accomplish this mission CCCP’S volunteers refurbish donated computers, add software, deliver and install these internet ready computers to individuals, families and veterans across Long Island who would otherwise not be able to afford this essential technology. Since 2006 CCCP has delivered computers to more than 4300 clients.

We need an energetic, self-motivated, retired individual who will actively pursue acquisition of computers and funding from a multiplicity of organizations. We have an extensive list of contacts (current and previous donors of both equipment and funding) to pursue. We would like our new acquisition/procurement manager to explore and develop new contacts.

Nearly all the work is done from your home- The time commitment is approximately 10 hours a week and is flexible, based on the amount of activity going on. Timely response to calls and emails is essential as are computer skills such as comfort in using word, excel and access.

You will work closely with the head of our program, as well as the other program managers.

Please contact RSVP today for more details at (631) 979-9490, ext 13 or email: cccp.volunteer@rsvpsuffolk.org.

We need your support to continue and expand our operations. You can assist us with:


Our volunteers provide these functions:

  • Solicit/Acquire donations
  • Refurbish computers
  • Deliver computers and install them for clients
  • Repair computers for clients
  • Provide remote "call center" computer repairs
  • Transport computers between sites
  • Contact Potential Client Agencies
  • Publicize CCCP
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Do office and clerical work

Our volunteers come to us with experience and skills learned through their lifetime. They gain the satisfaction of seeing these skills put to good use to enrich the community at large. If you want to support our activities, we need your help. As the CCCP Program expands, we need more volunteer help. If you are interested, call (631) 979-9490 ext 13 or send email to cccp.volunteer@rsvpsuffolk.org.


Equipment The equipment we provide to our clients is donated by companies and individuals that dispose of unneeded but usable computers. We erase all software and data from the equipment that we receive, using an algorithm approved by the Department of Defense; none of your personal data can be recovered. Donors may be able to claim a tax deduction for their donations. We accept computers with dual (or more) processors and at least 2 gigs of ram. If you or your company have equipment that you want to contribute, contact us at (631) 979-9490 ext 13 or send email to cccp.coordinator@rsvpsuffolk.org.


Funds We need money. Each computer system we provide to a client costs us about $43. We provide these at no cost to the client. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Any donations to CCCP should have CCCP in the memo line. For more information about donations, click here.