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February 14, 2022
Dear Members of RSVP

The Church of St. Gerard Majella would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the exquisite handmade blankets donated to our parish Outreach Ministry. They were made with such love and care. Our families are going to be thrilled to receive them!

We really appreciate your kindness.

May God bless you and keep you safe always.


Jennifer Donnellon
Outreach Ministry

The Community Computer Connections Program needs new volunteers to deliver and install our refurbished computers and laptops to our veterans and individual clients. Also, because of the great demand, there is an urgent need for used laptop donations that are less than 5 years old. Please reach out to us at 631-979-9490.

The RSVP Board of Directors is reaching out to our volunteers and asking if you might consider joining one of their Board Committees. Your knowledge and expertise would be invaluable in improving the services provided by RSVP Suffolk, as well as helping the organization to grow in a positive and dynamic direction. If you would like to help in the areas of grant writing, marketing or fundraising, please call RSVP Board President, Bob Heppenheimer at 631-757-9035.

7 Simple Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community
By: Lydia Chan of alzheimerscaregiver.net

A few generations ago, we roamed around and played freely as children in our neighborhoods, usually without parental supervision. Communities were close-knit, people looked out for each other, and there was a feeling of safety and belonging. Now, parents are super protective of children and rarely let them mix freely with neighbors. Moreover, staying in contact with a few close friends and family has become the norm, reports U.S News, with community members becoming distant strangers

If you feel strongly about your community, want to bring back the old community spirit, and would like to make it a better place for your family, your neighbors, and generations to come, here are some but effective suggestions from RSVP that you can implement right now:

Get to know your neighbors

The first step to assisting your community is to get to know the people that are a part of it. If you don’t already know your neighbors, invite them over to share a cup of coffee or a home-cooked meal. Greet the people who frequent local supermarkets and introduce yourself. Check for local groups on social media or visit in-person community meetings to build up connections.

Volunteer your time

In every community, there are countless social welfare organizations active like food banks, youth groups, senior’s meets, and animal shelters. They always need a helping hand. Volunteering your time at one of these places is an excellent way to help many people. If you prefer something less official, you can always offer to help a struggling mother with babysitting or an elderly neighbor with their shopping once in a while. Reach out to RSVP to get connected with volunteer opportunities in the area!

Become a teacher

Teachers have a great deal of soft power. They educate and mold young minds, are sources of inspiration and motivation, and help shape the future of their communities. Becoming a teacher allows you to have a long-term impact on your community. With an online master’s degree in education, you can become a teacher at your own pace and also make a respectable salary while helping your community.

Support a cause you believe in

We all feel strongly about certain causes, more so than others. Supporting a cause you feel strongly about allows you to engender those values in your community’s culture. Some excellent causes to support are education, environmental awareness campaigns, voter registration, social justice, and children’s welfare. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can always start a nonprofit of your own!

Organize a neighborhood safety group

If your community doesn’t have a neighborhood watch program already, it may be a good idea to introduce one. According to the National Neighborhood Watch, such groups are very useful for communities and offer a diverse range of services, from patrolling the streets to keep them safe to assisting the homeless and lifting poverty.

Start a fundraiser

Charity begins at home, they say. Even if you live in a relatively prosperous community, chances are there is someone down on their luck who could use a helping hand. Starting a fundraiser for deserving people – like single mothers struggling to raise kids without family assistance or your local school – can be a great way to bring your community closer together and turn someone’s life around at the same time.

Offer mental health support

The country’s mental health is declining. The recent pandemic, struggling economy, and flood of bad news are exacerbating the problem. Mental health has become more important than ever. A high-impact way to support your community is to volunteer for mental health support – such as joining a crisis intervention and counseling service. Simply talking to people, listening, and being there for them can also make a world of difference.

Communities are more important than ever now, as surrounded as we are by modern-day stresses and fears. The people around you can be your greatest source of support and inspiration. Working together, you can provide a supportive, secure, stable, and nurturing environment for your family. We need each other, and by giving back to your community, you’re building a better world for all.